Blanket of snow

If I have to be honest with you I really love the warm weather but winter is as magical as summer. It is so good to pull out old ice skates and ski put on snow-shoes and try them on 🙂
When I went on holiday I was so excited to feel the snow with my hands. I really enjoyed it with all of my family. I spent the best time with my mum. We did a lot of activities.
Actually, I do like to move a lot. That`s why my activity NO 1 is walking 😉

20170122_123239-01                                        20170122_100726-01
It`s good and healthy option how to stay FIT through all year but If you are in the country where is – 18 degrees you are literally forced to stay at home.
However, the cross-country skiing warms you up straight away so stay active even if it`s freezing outside and you feel like on the North Pole.
What do I love about winter?
The answer is that I do like the winter flakes, the atmosphere, a cup of hot tea, my warm shoes and of course build a snowman like everyone else who wants to have a little bit fun 😀

20170124_142201-01   20170124_120955-01

How I mentioned earlier when you are going to the country where is extra cold. Prepare yourself for that!!! You need to have warm clothes so have a look on this nice, cosy, warmly scarf 🙂

LEORX Women Winter Knitted Thicken Hat Cap and Scarf Set (Beige)

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