Vegetarian life for 24 years

What I know about myself is that I am a big foodie but I am a vegetarian since I was 5 years old 🙂 I love my lifestyle and of course my Vegetables. I have tried to become a Vegan for a year but I was more plant-based orientated so I got back to my vegetarian eating habits.

16523019_10210574437415475_1998760179_o 16523982_10210574437375474_802251187_o

I do not like the diets. I love food too much to give up on my favourite cottage cheese, Vegan burger, tomato pizza or even ice cream 😉 I am obsessed with Hummus, tomatoes or any kind of Salad. All these food have to be in my fridge.

I do not visit restaurants very often I rather prepare some food at home but when I go on holiday I like to try a new Vegetarian kind of food in any country really 😉


Last year I visited Phi Phi Island in Thailand and I had the best pancakes with peanut butter filling 🙂 Totally loved it!!!



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