Fashion Moodboard

Whan I was younger I have never tended to have a good taste for a fashion. My favourite clothes to wear were comfy trousers and any kind of T-shirt  😉  I grew up in the village. I`m definitely not saying that I had no choice to wear expensive clothes but for me, it was a difficult period because I was just a teenager. I did not care.  I wanted to be outside with my friends and play with them on the playground with a ball or any other kind of game  🙂 I totally loved my childhood!!!



Now I do fancy a nice, trendy clothes or accessories. To be honest I do like the labels. I have a few handbags included PRADA and GIVENCHY bags from my boyfriend 🙂


During my visit in Slovakia 2 weeks ago I bought a pair of MUSTANG shoes which I absolutely “LOVE” 😀  they are so comfortable (they look like “cowboy” shoes so they get my attention in the shop straight away).


I`m not someone who spending a lot of money on very expensive things but I do work every day — I always work very hard! We only live ones so sometimes It is good to treat yourself with something nice 🙂


Prada Women`s 1bg775 Handbag bag

Click here


2 thoughts on “Fashion Moodboard

  1. Lenka says:

    It’s never to bad to own a nice pairs of bags as you do;) love them! we should enjoy life with things which give us joy and happiness sometimes! Especially, when we work hard! Lovely article X

    Liked by 1 person

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