What does health mean for me???

I do like to eat healthily but sometimes we get to a point where we lose our inspiration. We start watching TV or even do nothing all day. I do not like to see myself wasting my time and sitting on the sofa all the time. What does health mean to me? Healthy mean to eat when you are hungry (I mean really hungry, not only what my eyes see something delicious), do some sport that your body can be thankful to you feel more energetic in everyday basic and finally it means to feel good about yourself in your own body (love yourself).


I did sign in for a gym 2 weeks ago. I would love to have my routine and exercise 3 times a week to get my body in the shape before the summer comes πŸ˜‰ Inspiration is something that we have to find inside ourselves. We have to start only one project that we have to start completing and it is the US πŸ˜‰


Why not put more vegetables on our plate with some homemade dressing. I know you can say that It is very easy for me to say because I am a vegetarian. However, I do think everyone can eat healthily and do some extra walk (even pick staircase instead elevator) to get from 1 floor to ground floor. So why not to start right now, increase your self-confidence πŸ™‚



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