When I was a child I was dreaming about travelling all over the world. Go from one country to another one. It has been my passion for years and I would never give up on it 🙂


I visited a few countries which are Slovakia (my home country), Czech Republic, France, Austria, Italy (my favorite Venice, Rome, Vieste Gargano), Ibiza, Mallorca, Croatia, Belgium, Amsterdam, Norway, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Poland, Singapore (the best time ever), Thailand, Phi Phi Island, Turkey, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and I hope many more to come in the future 🙂


I think everyone is dreaming (or most of the people) to travelling and sitting on the beach, getting a tan in a nice and warm country or even see some historical monuments. What I love about each country is that every single one is unique. There is always something different you can discover and say “wwaaau” that`s so cool and I love it!

My favourite country is Italy because I used to go there with my family when I was younger. I really like the weather, passionate people, food (Vegetarian pizza), spicy language 😉 green olives, “gelato” alias ice cream 😀 I miss that place so much.


In the future, I would like to visit a small Isle called Capri. It situated close to Napoli ( Italy, Naples) and maybe also another Isle called Cape Verde (close to Africa, Senegal). The weather should be very nice there 🙂


However, I have been travelling a lot for last a few years. I think this year I would see maybe two countries maximum just because I would like to concentrate on other priorities in my life. Travel is the best school of life 😉


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