How important is to be a good person to others!

I was thinking last night what will be my next step to this new year 2017. Sometimes I would like to step up in my mind and make some future plans. Then I realized that it is not so easy just because we can not see the future. Everything that is going to happened or it is actually happening is a kind of reaction how we live our lives.


I do believe in fate. I believe that everything that happened in our lives (past, present or future) has a purpose. A positive purpose from which we have to learn or we do the same mistakes over and over. I always try to think positively about people, certain situations but I`m sure I did some mistakes which are in my head (maybe I regretted some of them) but I have pushed myself with little steps since I forgot all negativity and go forward every day (even minutes).



I want to be an example for people how to be better to others (I mean do not steal from other people`s belongings, lie about things, be jealous or even be very negative). I think people need to give more hugs and listen more. Trust is very important and if you do not have it then people will see and lose your trustfulness. Try to be better person and the world will be better for all of us 🙂


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