My visit in London with my family in October 2016

Hello, everyone 🙂

I know I have not been blogging for a while but I was pretty ill for the last couple of days. I am feeling much better right now so I am going to continue with my blogging and adding more pictures which I like 🙂 I was thinking the other day about all my family. I have to admit that I miss them very much. They live in my born country so I always go to visit then as much as I can to go there. I do take my holiday to see them probably twice a year.


On the other side, they came to England in Oktober which I was very happy about their visit 🙂 Thet stayed for 2 weeks. That was the longest time they could stay and time went very fast especially for me. So I wanted to show them London for the first time ever. We went there by my car (I do like driving but I am not very keen for a very long drive). It took us probably 2 hours to get to our car park in the city centre. I live close to Birmingham that`s why I do not go there very often. I used to travel to London for some night out but I was younger 🙂20161015_130302

If I have to describe the city of London there will be only one word which is “Amazing”. I do like the atmosphere in the square of the Buckingham palace and the Big Ben. What I do not like is that on Saturday or Sunday there could be so many people that you can not even pass through. Lots of visitors everywhere 😉


The weather was pretty nice and chilly however I was very pleased because I think you can imagine weather here in England. We walked a lot and after a long day, we went to have some nice food which was a big Veggie burger for me yum yum. It tasted soo good 🙂


Thank you, London for such a nice experience for my family and I would definitely to go there again. Who knows maybe this year again 😉


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