Coffee Lover

Why I drink coffee every morning? Just because I love the taste of it. I`m a vegetarian but I tried to be a Vegan for a year. I really fell in love with soy milk, almond milk or coconut milk. The taste is soo good and prefers it more as normal cow ones.


When I go out I make sure I go to the coffee bar or restaurant where is the option to get Latte or Cappuccino with soy milk in it. I totally love these nice and big cuppas with a chocolate powder on the top of my Cappuccino 🙂


Usually, I get one or two coffees a day. Which is before work and some time after work (depend on when I finish).

I added some pictures from one cafe bar which is called FARO LOUNGE. It is in Lichfield, United Kingdom. It is very cool, stylish and cosy restaurant where you can also get some food (Vegan/Vegetarian food). The food was delicious. I had a panini with fries and coleslaw. Yummy!!! I also had some soy cappuccino to get me a little bit more energetic.


I have been there only ones and I loved it there. Who would not like it when you go out and get some food which you must not cook by yourself 😉


I also like Starbuck soy coffee on the what to town or to any of my trips around the U.K. You know when you travel by your car and you feel soo tired you need some energy to keep your eyes open 😉  Just grab it in my hands, drink it and enjoy the taste 🙂


2 thoughts on “Coffee Lover

  1. inelleganayo says:

    I love coffee, too! It puts me into the right mood, and it helps me to be motivated throught a productive day. 🙂
    I crossed here through WordPress tags of “coffee”, and I love your blog. You’re such an amazing person 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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