Fresh food/salad and Saturday walk in the park

My usual Saturday is looking like this. I wake up about 9 am and it takes another 15 minutes for me to get up. I check my Instagram @photographs_by_26 and other apps on my mobile stream. Then I finally get up on my feet go to the bathroom. Get ready and change!!! Yesterday I started to clean the house early in the morning as usually. I had a cup of coffee with soy milk and crack on to do some cleaning. I skipped my breakfast because I was not very hungry so I was listening to my body!


It took me about 2 hours to tidy up everything (hoovering, cleaning the dust, washing the Holloway, rubbing the bath, cleaning the kitchen units etc.) you know if you have such a big house then I will take ages to actually finish everything around and finally, I got some food. I got my lunch at 1:30. I was pretty hungry that time. I add my pictures here that you can see that I really like some greens on my plate 😉


Yum yum, Avocado and Leafy salad!!!! It is a must!!! It was soo good definitely recommended to all of you guys (just add: cucumber, salad, tomatoes, avocado and spicy tomato sauce).

After my lunch, I went for a walk to the park. I walked 54 minutes and I did 4.67 km. The weather was very nice at that time but If you can see it right now you could not recognise it! It changed rapidly over 3 hours. It is raining at the moment so I was very lucky to go outside and enjoyed myself with a little bit of sun 🙂


I`m sitting in my conservatory and listening to the rain so I do like its sound. I`m going to have some snack which will be a pack of nuts and sweet-salt popcorn. Probably doing some work on my laptop 😉 Have a nice weekend everybody…


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