Training day and lunch with my twin sister

Now I focus more on my health, look and weight so I will visit the gym more often as before. I`m very glad to come to that point where I finally move my ass to the gym and burn some calories 🙂 Hello Summer!!!

So yesterday I went to my gym. There were not that many people and I started my workout. I put all of my stuff on the side and CARDIO could begin…….

I did some running on Treadmill 1.96 km and I burnt 230 kcal then I moved on Orbitrek, I did 1.34 km and I burnt 171 kcal. I had a CARDIO day as I like it very much. I do not train my arms because I like them how they are 😉

After my gym session, I went for a lunch with my sister to a local bar called The Lord Burton. We had some yummy food. My sister had craving for Vegetarian burger and I had a Smashed Avocado Bagel with tomato, onion and coriander (chips on the side). The food was very delicious (especially Avocado yum yum). It was 349 cal with all my food. I was so hungry that I really enjoyed it all 🙂  (especially with my sister because it has been very long time since we went out for some food)!


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