Home decoration/Obsess with white color

I have been thinking to re-decorated my living room already a few weeks ago but the weather was so cold. Now it`s much better. I have been inspired with some very nice ideas which I want to share on my blog 🙂 I`m obsessed with white color and I choose some pretty nice pictures how I want that my home could look in the future 😉

I would love to have an open space in my living room with a light color of the furniture.

The laminate floor looks really cool and modern (carpet is a must!!!). The ceiling lights in the bathroom are great too. The color are matching perfectly 🙂

Alright, guys, enough of my dreaming and back to the reality. I really did some work in my own home too. Yesterday I painted the living room walls in white color 😀 I am so happy about that. It was not so easy because a short lack of time which I had until it gets dark outside but I managed to finish the work on time. I felt very proud.

I was not very happy with my previous color Magnolia not because I did not like it I just needed some changes in my house.

I also going to replace my coffee table and TV stand. I bought it in IKEA. Let`s guess the color. YES, of course white 🙂

I would like to keep other furniture. However, I have some ideas in my mind. Maybe put a big black photo frame on one of my walls. Hmm still thinking about it. At the moment I have only one picture there which I like very much!

What`s your favorite house style? 🙂


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