Memories on Belgium, Brussels

If you will ask me what I am passionate about in my life I would say ‘TRAVELLING’. It is my number one 🙂

I visited Brussels in 2014. It was very quick decision to make. We went there during the Christmas season and New Year`s Eve. Such a stunning city. I did like everything around but my favourite thing was a Belgian waffle 🙂 so yummy!

If you will ever visit Belgium taste them. However, the weather in this period was so cold (actually freezing!!!) I could barely hold my Macaroons in my hands while I was trying to eat them on the way back to the hotel. It was snowing and raining but I enjoyed the Christmas trees, the sparkly lights everywhere.

What I also like about this country was that there were many people from all over the world. When I was passing by the shopping centre in the main square of the city I heard many people talking to each other with different accents and languages. I do like other languages and my favourite is Italian 🙂 yeeeey!

There are lots of historical buildings, beautiful gardens, shops and of course Belgian waffles for me 🙂 Now when I am writing this article I am craving for some chocolate waffles with strawberries on the top 🙂  sooo where I have stopped…..yes….Also very well known Manneken Pis is a landmark small bronze sculpture in Brussels. I have really very nice memories. So why not to travel around Europe and getting to know different cultures landscapes.


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