Wedding day in Slovakia

I am always very excited to hear about Wedding day 🙂 I had an opportunity to go on my cousin Wedding last year. It was a middle of the year. If I have to be more specific it was middle of June. So the weather was perfect. I was looking forward to the D-day.

I really wanted to look good (everyone does 😉 who would not) so I wear very stylish jewellery. My dress was not too short and was not too long either. I was very happy with the choice I made when I bought it. I felt very comfortable in it. The colour was dark pink with black details on the top and also on the bottom of my beautiful dress 😉

All ceremony was in the church and then we moved to the building where everything continued. There were lots of food. In my country, we have a 3-course meal. The starter, 2nd meal and 3rd meal. Of course later on a lot of cakes on the table to snack on 😉

Unfortunately, at that time, I tried to eat healthy (raw Vegan) so I avoided all sweets. I had some salad and roasted vegetables with the Veggie Soup. The atmosphere was just perfect for me. I am always very happy to be with all my family 🙂

I have lived in the U.K for 8 years now. I love to spend time with my family just because I do not see them very often so I have to travel back. I could say I travel back home maybe a twice a year.

So I added some pictures that you can see how stunning was my cousin wedding day with all decoration and the place.

I am going on Wedding day number two 😉 again this year! My second cousin is getting married. It is so good to have a big family 😉 so I might to blog about it. Stay tuned!


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